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The Song Studio is the sister company of The Nucleus. Here at the Song Studio, we are dedicated to helping develop the best of Ireland’s young and unsigned songwriters and producers, with the very best filtering through to join The Nucleus. We offer a range of services and events for unsigned songwriters, artists and producers. We also offer professional services for businesses working with music.

“Without music, life would be a mistake.” Nietzsche.


Are you a singer looking to record your first single? Are you a band looking to record your first EP? Then this is the spot for you!

The song studio is fitted out with high end production equipment, filled with natural light and located on South William Street, right in the heart of Dublin’s Creative Quarter.

Perfect for vocal and instrumental recording and overdubbing.
We can provide a producer for your session if needed.
Comfortable and relaxed space.
Our top floor space has windows that let in lots of natural light and is acoustically treated  for tracking and mixing.
We record through AMS Neve and Apogee into Logic and Protools using mics by Neumann, Shure and Blue.
We monitor through Genelec, Yamaha NS10s and Ultrasone.
A range of quality guitars, keyboards and musical toys.
We have a huge range of licensed plugins.


We believe strongly in the power and magic of co-writing. We can set you up with like-minded songwriters and producers for a co-writing session.

We have our own full time dedicated co-writing space and in-house production studio on South William Street in the heart of Dublin’s creative quarter. We also work in other inspiring spaces in Dublin and in rural Ireland to create special events and atmospheres conducive to artists and songwriters working together in a way that sparks the magic that makes successful songs.

The aim is to bring people together in a deep and personal way to create great work with real substance and emotion that can touch a lot of people and become hit songs. Our team have worked with Universal, Sony and Atlantic artists. For more information or to inquire about a co-writing or collaboration session, please contact us at Also, please check out our membership tab for exciting and exclusive access to our services.


Are you an unsigned artist looking to get your first song produced? Are you an up and coming songwriter looking for help with production? Look no further than The Song Studio!

Production matters. A lot. A well written song can work in many styles, but it takes the right production to turn it into a finished track that captures the hearts and ears of listeners. All of our team have extensive experience in producing, recording and mixing.

We don’t just produce our own material, our studio and team also work on producing work by other writers. From full productions in any genre to a release quality top line vocal recordings, and everything in between. We have the equipment and experience to deliver exactly what your song needs. Our in house recording and production studio is fitted with the world standard equipment. Talk to our studio staff about working with us:

We can deliver your song recorded and mixed on some of the best equipment and conditions money can buy.


We have a high-quality studio designed specifically for podcasts. The studio is comfortable with a relaxed environment.

It is the perfect space for recording excellent quality audio. Our studio is available to rent and is located at 65 South William Street, Dublin, Ireland.

For more information on our podcast studio including rates and availability or to book a session, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us at


Our sister company, The Nucleus, is a boutique music publisher, who proudly represent a growing catalogue of new music across modern genres. The Nucleus also represents a team of in-house songwriting talent.

Through The Nucleus, we are set-up to work with external artists and writers, and also publish your work a project, and on a song by song basis for works created here at The Song Studio.

The strongest songs which are created here at The Song Studio will be given the opportunity to be pitched to international artists and publishers by our sister company The Nucleus.